Selected Catalogue Essays, Introductions, and Artist Biographies:

Selected Essays, Reviews, and Interviews:

Artforum reviews 

Bookforum reviews

“Breath by Breath: Sam Contis,” Camera Austria, Summer 2023.

“‘Sacklers Lie, Thousands Die:’ P.A.I.N. Against Big Pharma,” Pioneer Works, January 2022.

“Heirlooms,” written with Arthur Ou, philoSOPHIA: A Journal of transContinental Feminism, Volume 11, Fall 2021.

“Futility of Effort: Alice Neel and Motherhood, 1930–46,” Pioneer Works, May 2021.

“The War of Art:” on Yxta Maya Murray’s Art Is Everything: A Novel, Bookforum, Spring 2021.

“Remembrance of Revolutions Past:” on how a 1973 document of feminist art activism holds a mirror to our present,, March 2021.

“The Jacket:” on how a photograph of a text-emblazoned jacket worn by artist David Wojnarowicz in 1988 became a nascent meme, changing and shifting in time to suit the needs of subsequent political movements, Pioneer Works, November 2020. 

“New Wave:” on the Feminist Art Coalition, Artforum, October/November 2020.

“Air America,” on Top Value Television and the 1972 presidential conventions,, August 2020. 

“Out of Sheer Rage: on how art and film can become forms of protest,” Aperture, Summer 2020.

“Land of the Living: on the art of Agnes Denes,” Artforum, October 2019.

“Severe and Pervasive: on the fight to make sexual harassment a crime,” Bookforum, Sept/Oct. 2019.

“Labor of Love: on the New York activist collective fierce pussy,” Artforum, February 2019.

“Rise, Resist: on Stephen Maing’s film Crime + Punishment,, August 2018. 

“Adrian Piper Speaks! (for Herself),” The New York Times, July 5, 2018.

“Mind the Fact: Hannah Arendt’s clairvoyant diagnosis of post-truth politics,” Bookforum, Summer 2018.

An interview with author Lorrie Moore,, March 2018.

“Glissando Through the Blues: on Alice Coltrane,”, February, 2018.

“New World Disorder: an interview with Claudia Rankine,”, March 2017.

“Freaks and Greeks: a roundtable on the Antigone with Anne Carson, Simon Critchley, and Trajal Harrell,, September 2015.

“The Trouble with Donelle Woolford,” written with Jennifer Krasinski, DIS, August 2014.

“Agnès Varda’s California,” Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2014.

“The Return of the (Feline) Repressed,” written with Rhonda Lieberman, Paris Review Daily, July 2013.

“The Savage Detective: on Sophie Calle’s ‘Address Book,’” Los Angeles Review of Books, October 2012.

“An Egoless Pratice: Tantric Art,” Paris Review Daily, April 2012.

“To and From R.F.” an artist’s project with Arthur Ou, Triple Canopy, May 2011.

“Lee Lozano: Notebooks 1967–70,” Art Journal, Winter 2010.

“Dana Hoey: Go Or No Go,” Paper Monument: A Journal of Contemporary Art, 3, May 2010.

“Lynn Hershman Leeson,” Rhizome, January 2006.